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    We are creating added value through differentiated technology and services of KCT Co. Ltd. through steady R & D and investment.

    ▣ Semiconductor equipment

    KCT Co. Ltd. specializes in semiconductor equipment such as 300mm Wafer Sorter (Click) and N2 Purge Kit (Click) . Based on its technological know-how and advanced know-how to become the first partner of Hynix, China and Taiwan, As a business partner.
    In addition, based on steady technological development and excellent engineers, we are expanding our business area by spreading semiconductor equipment and making great efforts to secure the best technology in domestic and overseas based on these experiences.

    KCT Co. Ltd. will continue to grow to become a company that grows with customers based on the technology of semiconductor equipment.


    SMC, AMAT, NESLAB, RASCO and all kinds of CHILLER Overhaul & Modify is available. It has Used Chiller Sales, Accessory & Parts sale and C / S team preparing at all times. There is.

    ▣ 300mm Wafer Sorter

    Semiconductor manufacturing Foup open construction that does not pollute clean area to prevent transfer of wafers and deadly particles from wafer throughout the entire process. It is an essential device used for all process equipments by eliminating contamination source from front and back of wafer.

    ▣ N2 Purge Kit

    In order to prevent the natural oxide from growing, it is the most suitable method to prevent the Si wafer from being exposed to O2. By using the NPLPM for the time to reach the next process equipment after the process, the inside of the FOUP is replaced with N2, It is aimed at suppressing the growth of Natural Oxide by removing O2.

    PM N2 Purge is installed or selected, and NPM is replaced due to the difference of LPM loading spec for each equipment. Reduction of equipment down time. Also, in order to use Process N2 Purge as an option, To solve the problem of complicated replacement.

    Recently, due to the narrow pattern after the wafer process, exhaust gases are not completely exhausted. In the process of 100 nm or less, there is a phenomenon that affects the semiconductor yield due to the residual gas in the narrow pattern or the secondary contamination during the process in the process chamber There is. On the other hand, N2 Purge purifies residual gases in the narrow pattern occurring in the Foup, purge N2 in the Foup, purge the LPM, dilute the residual gases, complete the exhaust and completely remove the wafer from the secondary source There is a purpose to protect.