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KNP301 / KNP302 / KNP304
N2 Purge Kit
ㆍDevice to prevent wafer contamination by discharging residual gas in wafer pattern through XCDA (N2) Purge in FOUP in semiconductor manufacturing process.
ㆍPurge inside the FOUP to release O2 inside to prevent Natural Oxide Growing

Wafer Size : 300mm Silicon Wafer

FOUP internal auto-purge is possible

Removal of O2 inside FOUP (Natural oxide growth inhibition)

FDC Data Automation Software available

Improvement of semiconductor yield and productivity by preventing natural oxide growth and increasing run standby time

   - Applied LPM: Brooks, TDK, etc ...

Humidity & Temp. Monitoring

Load Port Configuration 

   - 300mm LPM(1~4Foup)