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Privacy Policy

Our Constitution guarantees the secrets, freedoms and confidentiality of the private life, which is the basic right of the people. Therefore, it is illegal to secretly detect private information and private life by wire / wiretapping. However, illegal eavesdropping and information leaks in our society are causing serious human rights violations and threatening the freedom of life for individual citizens.
In order to ensure the freedom of communication in the information society by completely protecting the privacy of KCT members by removing the possibility of infringement of these basic rights, KCT's privacy policy may change subject to changes in government laws and guidelines and changes in KCT's policies. Please check back frequently when you visit KCT site.

1. Purpose and use of personal information

The purpose of collecting personal information of KCT members is to provide the best personalized service through KCT site. KCT offers a variety of contents for free and for a fee. At this time, based on the personal information you provide, you will be able to selectively provide more useful information to your members.
KCT displays advertisements to provide various services. At this time, based on your personal information, you will be able to selectively deliver ads with more valuable information.


2. Personal information items to be collected and collection methods

KCT receives the most essential personal information for service delivery when you first sign up. The information you receive when you sign up is your name, sex, date of birth, postal code, and so on.
In addition, we are requesting additional information to provide specific services.
You will be asked to provide your cell phone number and other information necessary to provide other services. You may also request personal information for collective statistical analysis at the time of surveys or events, or for the purpose of sending prizes. Please note that the information you provide will not be used for any purpose other than to provide the service or to give you a prior notice.


3. Retention and disposal of personal information

While you are receiving the services provided by KCT as a member of KCT, your personal information will remain in KCT and will be used to provide services. However, if the member of KCT is below '7. You may delete the ID by following the procedure described in "Viewing, correcting and deleting your personal information" or requesting termination of membership, and if the purpose of receiving the personal information previously provided to you is accomplished, It will be completely deleted from the hard disk and will not be viewed or accessed for any purpose.


4. Providing and sharing personal information

In principle, we will not disclose personal information of KCT members to any other company or organization. However, if you agree to disclose or violate KCT's Terms of Service, or use KCT's services to cause legal harm to others, or violate the morality of the public, we will disclose your personal information in order to take legal action. Except in cases where there is sufficient grounds to be considered necessary.
KCT can share your personal information with business partners for better service. In this case, even before collecting information or providing information, you will be informed about your business partner, what information is needed, how it is protected and managed, and if you do not agree, Do not collect information or share it with business partners.
When you post or send an advertisement to a group of gender, age, or other specific conditions (for example, a girl in your 20s), your personal information will not be provided to the person or organization that requested the advertisement. Other statistical processing, academic research, and market research are provided only in a form that is not identifiable to a specific individual if necessary.


5. Operation and utilization of cookies

In order to provide personalized and customized services to individual users, KCT uses 'cookies' to store and retrieve your information from time to time. A cookie is a small data package sent by a server used to run a website to a user's browser and stored on the hard disk of the user's computer.
You must allow cookies in order to access personalized or customized services after logging in to KCT. KCT uses cookies to find information about your identity in order to provide you with more useful and relevant services.
It is also used to determine the frequency of use of KCT sites by members and non-members, and the number of users such as the total number of users by giving a unique cookie to the user's browser connecting to KCT. In addition, KCT Shopping uses cookie information to help you purchase products or purchase products when purchasing products, and cookies are used to check your participation in other events or surveys.
By using cookies, you can find out how KCT services are visited and used, so that you can create and provide more useful and convenient services.
You have a choice of cookies. By selecting an option in your web browser, you can allow all cookies, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies. However, if you refuse to store cookies, you will not be able to use all KCT services that require login.


6. Technical / institutional management for privacy protection

Your personal information is protected by a password. The password of your account can be known only to you, and you can check and change your personal information only by yourself who knows the password. Therefore, please do not share your password with anyone.
It is also recommended that you log out and close your web browser when you are done. Especially, if you share your computer with others or use it in a public place, you need to do this more to prevent your personal information from becoming known to others.
KCT uses anti-virus programs to take measures to prevent damage from computer viruses. Vaccine programs are updated periodically, and if sudden viruses appear, we provide them as soon as they are available to prevent personal information from being compromised.
In order to prevent leakage of member's personal information by hacking or the like, it is prevented from external attack or hacking by using a device that blocks the intrusion from the outside at present, and an intrusion detection system is installed for each server to monitor intrusion for 24 hours We are. We are backing up the system and data in case of damage to other members' personal information.
KCT emphasizes compliance with this policy by limiting the number of employees handling personal information to a minimum and providing regular training to staff. Through the audit of the Audit Committee, KCT confirms compliance with this policy and compliance with the staff, If found, corrective action is in place.


7. View, correct and delete your personal information

You can read or correct your registered personal information at any time, and you can request to delete your ID.
If you have any complaints or comments regarding personal information, please send an email to help with personal information management ().


8. Protecting Children's Privacy

Children under the age of 14 must not send information about themselves to others and must obtain parental consent before sending.
You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account password. KCT will never ask you for your password by mail or other means, so do not give out your password in any case. If you are logged on, please pay special attention to avoid leakage of your personal information to others around you.


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The changed KCT Co. Ltd. privacy policy will be enforced on January 01, 2007.